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Whether your hard drive died or you've upgraded, we can help! We offer a variety of Windows USBs to assist you with installation! Order now!

Please note shipping is charged after purchase. Don't worry though, we strive to keep our costs VERY low (medium shipping price is about $1/$2).

We've all been there, maybe your hard drive died and you've just replaced it or maybe you decided it was time for an upgrade, but it can be difficult to reinstall Windows especially if you don't have any other way to install it like, for example, that was your only computer. It can be a great burden especially if you have any way to install Windows. But don't worry, we have you covered! Miscellaneous Shop offers a variety of USBs to assist you in recovery and get you back online! From Windows Vista to 10, we can help!

About Windows

Microsoft's Windows is the most popular operating system in the market with the latest version, Windows 10, reaching nearly 1 billion installs! Windows provides a variety of software for your every need, from accounting to education, to even gaming, Windows has it! Microsoft's newest version of Windows, Windows 10, provides greater support for the ever-growing cloud with it supporting OneDrive and Office 365. Other versions of Windows also offer many great software features.

About the USB

The USB has a bootable version of Windows which may be used to assist you in installation or recovery. Miscellaneous Shop offers USBs with Windows Vista, 7, 8(.1) and 10. All USBs come with the latest versions of Windows, we do however, provide USBs with older WIndows versions if you need it. We also offer Windows XP upon request. Please note, we do not offer product keys, you must supply your own

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